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Oxana Molojanova (1964)

Oxana Molojanova


Životopisné údaje

Was born in Kiev in 1964.
Graduated financial-economic faculty of Novosibirsk Institute of National Economy.
In 1995 immigrated to Israel.
Only few years ago(in 2002), being inspired by difficult life here in Israel, and hot being able to buy pictures for her new apartment executed by wisp of best.
In 2008 for the first time Oxana took part in a group exhibition in artists’ house in Haifa. In 2008 Oxana got Herman Shtruk award.
In art Oxana represents young generation. In painting she uses the classical figurative image revealing questions of social and personal identification. Through realistic portrait, the artist carries out transition from her past life in Ukraina to formation of new life in Israel, where she psses through continuous struggle and self-search in a real life. Through her works and creative activity Oxana expresses dilemmas of a new immigrant living here in Israel. Thus she creates for herself a better place to spend her life: world of art, full of love, beauty and harmony.